Saturday, October 8, 2011

New House, New Puppy, and Cyber Bullying.

Meet Marley! :)

The fall season kind of snuck up on me... it doesn't ever really feel like fall until mid to late November down here anyway. It's still humid and stormy most days, and everything is still really really green, as it will remain for what seems like forever.

In the 8 or so days that have passed since the last post on here, so much has changed for me. I moved in to Ryan's house with him, and now we have a little puppy named Marley. I re-evaluated my whole life and I realized that I had to stop listening to everyone else and just do what I really wanted to do... and here I am. I'm happy and I have virtually no stress in my life at the moment which is super rare.

Only one really humorous thing has happened recently. I have a new cyber bully! <3
I don't know what it is with people feeling the need to insult other people over the internet, but do they realize it makes them seem like the biggest tools ever? You can say whatever you want about me when you're hiding behind your computer screen, but I bet the second we were face to face, you'd shit your pants and start crying. Seeing how easy it was/is for someone who I'm pretty sure doesn't know me at all on a personal level, could just dish out insult after insult with hopes of hurting my feelings makes me feel horrible. Not about myself-- I could care less what anyone thinks of me, I have no one to impress. But it makes me feel horrible for those people out there who aren't are strong minded as I am, who are tortured daily by bullies (both cyber and in real life situations). Do you trolls not realize the hurt you're inflicting on innocent people? Children have killed themselves because of mean things people said about them on the internet... what if I were that weak? What if I were a depressed, self loathing individual who was so torn up by someone calling me ugly and worthless that I ended my own life? I bet you'd regret it... and you could say you wouldn't all you want but what if it were your sibling? Or your own child? I bet you never thought of that...

Soo yeah, if anyone else wants to chime in about my excessively gummy smile, or my "long face" then go for it! Let out all your anger here if it will keep you from being an asshole to someone else who doesn't deserve to be picked on.


  1. Wow so I see Mr.Alex is back at it again with the hate.... So what I see here is jealousy yes that's what it is. If he comments back we all will no that this is what his problem is. Oh and by the way Alex bet your not so tough in person if you act like this on the internet.... And your tool,
    come on man grow the fuck up stop looking at porn all night and then get mad and write hate mail just because you can't get laid.

  2. Yes Alex really. It truly does show your character by responding every time. You are trying, YES I SAID TRYING, to piss somebody off who in fact is enjoying every bit of this. If your so good looking and awesomely fantastic, then why don't you bless us all by showing your pearly whites and perfect 10 of a face... "Oops I smell a coward".

  3. Honestly dude(?), I don't mind that you keep coming back... in fact I encourage it. I don't know if you realize but you're complaining about me on the daily now, when if i really bothered you that much, you could just avoid me and my blog all together. But no, you keep coming back, and you obviously have nothing better to do. So keep on keepin' on.